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The SOUTHCARS annual Hiawassee, Georgia, Late Spring/Early Summer picnic and tailgate get together will be held this year at its normally scheduled second weekend in June. This year we will kick off the festivities on Friday, June 8th with the setup of a SOUTHCARS amateur radio station located at the top of the hill at the Garden Pavilion in the North Georgia Mountain Fair and Camp ground in Hiawassee, Georgia. SOUTHCARS will have the station set up there through Saturday June 9th. Depending on the propagation and other conditions (bad weather or lightning), NCS operators and other ham radio volunteers are welcome to take turns running the net from the picnic. This has been a lot of fun over the years during past events. The station must be dismantled by end of day on Saturday.
The Tailgate party begins at 7:00AM Saturday with coffee and pastries available.
The picnic lunch will be served on Saturday, June 9th following the Midday session off the net between 1:00PM and 1:30PM. Please bring an item to share with others. Mary’s Southern Grill will be supplying the Pork Barb B Q again this year; however we will have a grill set up this year to cook Steaks, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, and/or other goodies.
It is requested, anyone with Musical Talent to bring their instruments so we can have an Old Fashion Southern Hoe Down. N5ICT, Jerry is trying to put together “The Official Southcars Band”. If you are interested in being in this band contact Jerry.  
I would suggest that anyone who wishes to attend for the full weekend to make their lodging reservations early as hotels and motels tend fill up. 
Anybody wishing to attend and needs transportation or planning on attending with extra room in their vehicles, please contact Jerry, N5ICT via E-mail and he will try to coordinate car pools or other transportation for those in need.
Anyone who would like to help out in the set up and organizing of the picnic to please E-mail Jerry at n5ict@aol.com or call Jerry’s cell at 239-770-8798.

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