Become Net Control Station




It's fun and easy!
Gosh, I'd really like to drive one of the South-Cars buses (run a net), but do I really think I can?
Of course you can! You can earn some real prestige by volunteering an hour a week as a net control station (NCS) and if you think an hour would be too much, you can volunteer for a half hour session. Ask yourself if you are receiving pleasure from checking into South-Cars, making new friends, and making contacts with old friends. Is the pleasure you derive from South-Cars worth an hour or half hour of your time? Actually, you'll find that it doesn't work out to be a "payback," because you'll find you're having MORE FUN making MORE CONTACTS with old friends and making many MORE NEW FRIENDS!
Most of our net control stations do not run power amplifiers!
If you feel you lack "net control expertise", we offer free on-the-air-training! If you would rather get your feet wet by assisting another NCS, then that too can be arranged! We're willing! Are you?
If you'd like to become an NCS, please contact Rick by using the Contact Us Link. Use the correct "Department to Contact", and Correct "Subject" in the drop down boxes. Rick Will contact you soon.