Southcars 11,000 Member

On August 23,2015 NA4L checked in Southcars 11,000 member of the 7.251 MHZ net.

The 11,000 member was Mitch Aldrich of Indian Mills, NJ KD2GNQ.

To see Mitch’s picture and his special membership certificate--go to the Photo Gallery and then the last page.

Thanks to John WB4GOV for the Certificate.
It was on March 17, 2013 that Southcars reached the 10,000 member.

Congratulations Mitch

Welcome to SOUTHCARS!

Grab a seat on the bus, sit down, relax, pour yourself a cup of coffee and ride along with us. Come visit our web site and information pertaining to the finest hobby in the world and the greatest net on the ham bands where friendliness, caring, and service prevails!

The South Coast Amateur Radio Service, popularly known as "Southcars", or "SCARS" is a service net, recognized by the ARRL, whose purpose is to assist those seeking to contact other amateur radio stations, or areas, to provide weather and travel information, whenever needed, if available, and to assist in emergencies. All amateur radio stations are welcome. We do not handle formal traffic, but can, and will, in the event of an emergency.

Southcars is in operation every day of the year. The net times are: Monday through Sunday 8AM until 1PM, all times are Eastern. Net operation is on 7.251mhz (the 40 meter band).

Additionally a 'Traders Net' is conducted on Wednesdays immediately following the closing of the morning regular net session.

If you are a licensed ham operator (general class or higher) you are invited to check into our net during any of the sessions and meet a great bunch of guys and gals!


On each and every Saturday from 8AM, Noon, 7PM and followed on Sunday at 10AM(Eastern) using Echolink #96140 or IRLP Reflector 9614 on the *SCARS* server, the “voice over internet protocol” net is in operation. All hams are welcome to check in to this net. Complete information can be found at our web site