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OPENING THE NET – To be read at 8 AM and 12 Noon session
This is South-Cars, the South Coast Amateur Radio Service operating on 7.251 MHz. South-Cars is a directed service net whose purpose is to assist those seeking to contact other stations, or areas. To provide weather and travel information when available and to assist in emergencies.
This net operates from a “CALL LIST” taken by the Net Control Stations when a call for check-ins is made. If your call is not picked up by the Net Control, please be patient, another list will be taken shortly. All contacts and information will be handled through the Net Control.
This net operates everyday of the year from 8AM to 1PM eastern time. Net operational procedures and general information may be found HERE.
Your Net Control for this session is (call sign), (my name is), and I'm located in (your QTH) where we have a current temperature of.

ALL NCS AT THIS POINT: ALL NET CONTROL STAIONS, SHOULD BE READING ANY OF THE "IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS ON THE WEB PAGE CLICK HERE. You should be checking this BEFORE your Start Time for new Announcements. DONATION ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE VERY IMPORTANT! Getting these announcements out every hour really helps get the word out to the members. Especially important for donations and events that are coming up or in progress!!

NCS NOTE: Take a moment and ask if anyone needs to contact a station and move off frequency for their QSO, then following this, ask if anyone on frequency is celebrating their birthday today. If so, wish them a happy birthday and let them check-in at this time. You can invite the members on frequency, to wish the member "Happy Birthday." Then proceed to conduct the net.
CLOSING THE NET - To be read only at the end of the 12 - 1 PM session
This has been South-Cars, the South Coast Amateur Radio Service. South-Cars is in operation every day from 8AM until 1PM. All times being Eastern. Your net control for this session has been, , , and until tomorrow morning at 8 AM saying 73 and returning this frequency to regular amateur use.

Traders Net Preamble

Good Morning, this is the South-Cars' Trader’s Net. This net meets every Wednesday morning at 10 AM to 11 AM for the purpose of trading, selling or buying amateur related equipment and accessories.

HF Conditions are always a challenge so if you are unable to check in to list your items on air, please email them to me at . I will read them at the beginning of each Traders Net. You can also submit your listing for the "Online Traders Post HERE"

Please realize, this is not a social net like our normal South-Cars sessions; therefore your cooperation will be appreciated. If we do not have a sufficient number of check-ins, listing their wants or items for sale, we will read the listings that are posted online. We will also read any listings received by e mail.

When you check in, give the last 2 of your call sign only. We will then acknowledge those we hear, and then come back to you for your listing. We will take 2 to 3 check in's at a time, and then run those, then repeat the process. When you are called, give your full call, name and location, followed by your listing. PLEASE speak slowly, and clearly. With conditions as they are hearing can be tough. REMEMBER I have to write this all down, so speaking slowly with this in mind will help me get the info from you. Give 1 listing at a time, and break in between so we can repeat it to you. We will then take your next listing.

Listings are restricted to no more than 3 items per week. We request that each listing be kept to a minimum; to include only the brand name, model number, (what it is, i.e. transceiver, receiver, amp., etc.), condition (cosmetics and operational; rated on a scale of 1 to 10), price, and contact information. Please, no history or sales pitch, that can be discussed with the individuals when they contact you. It is imperative, we keep the listings brief.


This net follows the guidelines and procedures set forth by South-Cars and FCC Part 97, paragraph [97.113 (a)(3)], regarding having no pecuniary interest. This states in part: "Amateur operators may, however, notify other amateur operators of the availability for sale or trade of apparatus' normally used in an amateur station, provided that such activity is not conducted on a regular basis." This applies to the individual operators and not the service provided by this net; the net has no pecuniary interest.

Your Net Control for this session is _______ I’m located in ______ . I will now start with those listings I have received by e mail, then get to those on frequency to check in.

(At this point you should read any listings you received via e mail, then call for check in's.)

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