NCS Replacement Procedure




If you cannot make your assigned session; just as soon as you know, please call the Scheduling Manager, W4FHC – Fred and let him know the date and time you need a replacement. If you are unable to contact Fred, please call the Net Manager, ND4Z – Rick and inform him of your need. Their contact numbers are as follows:

W4FHC – FRED: 919-920-4210
ND4Z – RICK: 803-449-4200 or 803-404-8283 (cell)

NCS’s that are paired up and running a half-hour session shall run the full hour when the other NCS is not available; if at all possible. If this is a problem, then the NCS that is to be absent shall follow the directions in the paragraph above.

PLEASE ALWAYS CALL, E-mails do not work when time is short.


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