Joining SCARS / Get A Member #

  • To Join or get a member #:  Just Check Into any net session.

    First: PLEASE CHECK IN ON AIR DURING ANY NET SESSION. When you check in, tell the Net Control Station this is your first-time checking in. If you’re unsure of the check in procedure listen for a few minutes. After your check in on air, e mail your info, (Name, Call Sign and Current Address) to the Data Base Manager. Glen / WB4KW PUT "NEW SCARS MEMBER NUMBER REQUEST" in the subject line. If you choose you can also add your birthday, Day and Month (Ex. 5-June). We will use this to wish you a happy birthday only. We will confirm your License Status and give you a SCARS Member Number. During the time you are waiting for your member # you can still check in any/every day, just inform the NCS your # is pending when you check in. We do not send your number by E-mail, you must check it on the website ( Updates are generally done on or before every Tuesday 9AM. If your request is received prior to 3:00PM eastern time on Mondays, it will make it in the update Tuesday morning. Thank you for your interest in South Cars! Just follow the directions that you just read, and you will have your number soon!

We are always looking for NCS or Alternates

  • If you would like to be an NCS or an Alternate:  Here's How

    This is easier then most Hams Think. Other NCS"s will work with you until you feel comfortable doing it on your own. It is easy and fun, and you do not need big antennas or Amplifiers to do this!! We are always looking for NCS's, alternate,substitutes and fill in"s. Contact the Net Manager for details. Go to the Contact Page above, and E Mail Rick. He will get back in touch with you soon. Be sure to include your Phone Number when you E Mail.

Roster Corrections, and Updates

  • Have a New Call Sign, Change of Address?:  To update your Roster info

    • E mail Glen / WB4KW

      SUBJECT LINE: " SCARS Roster Correction, Change, Update "

      In the Body of the E Mail Type.

      LINE 1:
      WHAT your needing done to the Roster, i.e. S/K Update, New Call Sign, Address Change,etc..

      LINE 2:
      Your Name, Your Member #, and Your Call Sign.(Having your member # makes it easier to Make Changes and Updates! New and Old Calls for Call Sign Change)

      LINE 3:
      Your Update or Changes: Address Change / Report a SK / Birth Date (If you care to add your birthday to the roster, [day and month only]).

      LINE 4:
      Anything else you need to Data Base Manager to know.

      The roster is updated every Tuesday about 9AM. We do not send e mails for new member numbers, updates or changes. You can always check your roster info on the roster search page. If you get your change or update in to Glen, before Monday at 3PM, the change will update online by Tuesday at 9AM, otherwise it will update the following Tuesday.
      We do our best to update every Tuesday, however we do have other work, so it may be later in some cases.

      99% of the time the update is completed every Tuesday by 9 AM.
  • If you would like to donate to SCARS  Follow these Steps

    • SCARS is a nonprofit organization. The expenses are low however we do have web site costs, and a few other things. The web master volunteers his time, however we do have domain and hosting costs each year. With a membership quickly approaching 13,000, we hope you will assist with these yearly expenses. Thank you all for continued support of South-Cars.

      Ways to Donate

      PAYPAL: Best Option as we pay no fees. 100% of donation goes to SCARS, if you send to "Family and Friends" via Pay Pal.

      To Donate using Pay Pal Account.

      Log into your Pay Pal Account and use the "Send Money to Friends and Family Option" (No Fees using this option). Send donation (Any Amount) directly to Rick ND4Z using his Pay Pal e mail: . You can also log into your Pay Pal Account and use Credit Card to Donate, or via bank account.

      Cash / Check Or Money Order:

      Send Small amounts of Cash ($1, $2, $5, $10), in an envelope with the cash between several pieces of paper. For larger amounts use a check or money order made payable to Rick Hatalski.

      Send to Cash / Checks & Money Orders to Rick at:


      I would like to thank the following members for their generous donations to help us with the SCARS expenses. The following is the list of The Member Donations.
      (If you donated and do not see your name and call here please notify the web master. We want to include every one of our donators!)

      Joe KB1ZA - 2019 Sammy KG4NHM - 2019
      Win W9MOE - 2019 Danny K4DHT - 2019
      Ron W4AOK - 2019  Robert K4LJ  - 2019
      Craig W3CRR - 2019  John WB4GOV - 2019
      Dave KF4RO Mike K4KJC
      Van W5JVR Henry AA4QI
      George W3GJD Walter KG4E
      Donald WD4ERA Karl WD4SGB
      Gary WA4HHC Glen KA4E
      Tom K4SUS Bill W5RWF
      Randy K4IMZ Dave NA4L
      Doug KD8OOT Bill N4GUV
      Clarence KB9JSL Glen WB4KW
      Monte K5GOG Mike N9MIU
      Jay N4KXO Ray KD4HUW
      Ivory KD5EJG Dave ND4MR
      Jeff W4JRV Norm WB4YBY
      David WE4HAM Kel K4TPE
      Clyde KZ4CM John WB4GOV
      Rick ND4Z Tom W4TCF
      Steve KD4IW William WB2GHC
      Duffy AD4VA Nick KW4XP
      Jimmy KJ4SGJ Charles KL7LS
      George WA4GT Joe K4JCP
      Stu W2AO Dana KK4YPQ

      Traders Net:
      The traders net is run every Wednesday from 10 AM to 11 AM. If you are unable to check in on air to list your item(s) you can send Mal an e mail. Give him a "short" detail of your item(s). Mal will read these before the traders net check in each week. Be sure to let Mal know how you can be contacted. You can e mail Mal at
      Please keep your listings to 3 per week. Send only the item(s) your selling, (i.e. Icom 7300. etc.), your asking price, and your contact info. "I am Good on QRZ", or your phone # are the best ways to get this contact info out.. Keep it short and to the point. You can talk further to potential buyrs when contacted. Thank you