South-Cars Announcements

There will be a Southcars Luncheon & tailgate party held  at Lakeland ,Florida on Saturday November 23rd. 

It will be held at the Golden Coral on Rt 98 N.  1 mile and a half North of  I-4 .(Kathleen,Fl)

Tailgate starts @ 9am  in the back of the parking lot ( east end ), NO Tables, you can set up

out of the trunk of your car or back of a pickup truck,Please absolutely NO Tables or tarps on the ground !

At 12 PM  we’ll  go inside for a meal and get together.

Any questions contact  Art KI4SGM  813.685.2287 or 813.541.4696 or

WB4KW , ND4Z. You can check out the restaurant web page:


South Cars Mile Stone!! 13,000 Members and counting!

Although the opinion of some, that South Cars membership is declining, Clearly not the fact,
we have reached Yet another milestone.

13,000+ Members are now part of SCARS.

With the addition of Member # 13,000 WB2LFY Richard,
we have once again made leaps and bounds in our membership.
South Cars Remains one of, if not the, largest nets in operation today.

Thank you for Joing Richard and welcome!

Richard Operates from his shack in Winter Haven FL

All SOUTHCARS Net Control Operators:

Please announce before starting you nets:


We presently have openings for part time , alternate net controllers that we call as needed.

If you never controlled a very busy H.F.  net before we can have you ride along with another N.C.S. until you feel comfortable  to do it yourself. For most it is a very satisfying  experience.

Please contact Fred W4FHC Net Scheduling Manager  at  919.920.4210 Or Rick ,Net General Manager at 803.449.4200 or or 803.816.2517  (e-mail

Best 73,
Rick Hatalski ND4Z Net Manager



Also, if after your net secession is started and you are in a position that you can not finish, you should  ask if their are any "Official" net control stations on frequency that can  take a list or finish the net for you. It is very important that a active Official NCS operator resumes the net and not  any member (Or NON MEMBER). ONLY Official NCS are allowed to run a net. If you can not find a active Official NCS operator you should make an announcement that you are putting the net in open session until the next NCS steps in, then try calling W4FHC Fred or ND4Z,Rick. If you do not know who are active NCS operators are, you can look at the NCS Schedule or I will send you the latest list.
Best 73,
Rick ND4Z and Fred W4fhc




Contact W4FHC FRED

919-920-4210 or


Cell 803-449-4200 or Home: 803-816-2537


South Cars Members Visit Hamcation 2019!

SCARS Members at Orlando Hamcation

WA4UG-Bruce / K1TOD - Todd / WB4UBG - Skip / WD4SBG - Karl / AA4QI - Henry / KW4T - Dan / Unidentified Member / N2GLF - Jerry / WB4NCT - Dave

N3RSD - Frank / KD4HUW - Ray / WB4KW - Glen / K4EBE - Bill / KN4AH - Bob / N4JK - Art / N4SLX - Kate / W3OE - Mike / W4JE - Mark

N4LTT - Bill / KF4RO - Dave


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