Membership Roster Corrections, Updates, Additions



NCS and Current Members:
If your Roster information is incorrect, needs updating, OR if you are an NCS and you need to add a new check in please contact the Data Base Manager. (E Mail Link Below).

Click Here To E Mail The Data Base Manager or use this e mail to Contact Us:
The "Subject Line" will Auto Populate, DO NOT CHANGE THIS.

In The Body of the E Mail Type.
LINE 1:WHAT your needing done to the Roster, i.e. S/K Update, New Call Sign, Requesting a Member #, Address Change.......
LINE 2: Your Name, Your Member #, and Your Call Sign. WE MUST HAVE YOUR MEMBER # to Make Changes and Updates!!!!!
(New and Old Calls For Call Sign Change)

LINE 3: Your Update or Changes: Address Change / Report a SK / Birth Date (If you care to add your birthday to the roster, [day and month only]).
LINE4: Any thing else you need to Data Base Manager to know.

If you are an NCS submitting a new member please supply the new member Call sign, and name, plus any other information you have regarding the new member check in. This information should be sent to the data base manager immediately after your session to avoid mistakes or forgetting to submit.

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