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8-9:00 AM NA4L Dave in Va
9-10:00 AM W8DMB   Dave   Georgia
10- 11:00 AM N4GUV Bill Alabama
11-12:00 PM W8SSB  Gary Florida
12-1:00 PM KG4E WALT North Carolina

8-9:00 AM KG4FET SANDOR Texas
9-10:00 AM N4LTT BILL Florida
10-11:00 AM KG2CS Bill Florida
11-12:00 PM KC7FPF KEVIN Florida
12-1:00 PM KB8OTM DANIEL Florida

8-9:00 AM W8DMB Dave in Georgia
9-10:00 AM KG4E WALT North Carolina
10-11:00 AM KGF4FUR Gerry in Florida
11- 12:00 PM KA4CZL Steve North Carolina
12-1:00PM KI4SGM ART Florida

8-9:00 AM W4DAQ MEL Georgia – KD5EJG IVORY Mississippi
9-10:00 AM KD4IW STEVE North Carolina – KB9OPW MARK Florida
10-11:00 AM KF4RO DAVE Florida
11-12:00 PM KT4KP RANDY Georgia
12- 1:00 PM KB4UUA DEE Florida

8-9:00 AM KB9OPW MARK (Florida) – KD4IW STEVE South Carolina
9-10:00 AM K4MNS DAVID North Carolina – K4JCP JOE Florida
10-11:00 AM WA2TWA Mal North Carolina ("TRADERS NET")
11-12:00 PM N4GUV BILL Alabama
12-1:00 PM KK4VPJ DANIEL Georgia

8-9:00 AM W4FJE MARK Florida – K4MNS DAVE North Carolina
9-10:00 AM KD5EJG IVORY Mississippi
10-11:00 AM WB4KW GLENN Florida
11-12:00 PM KF4RO DAVE Florida
12-1:00 PM KG4FUR GERRY Florida

8-9:00 AM N5ICT  Jerry Florida
9-10:00 AM KG4NYW JEFF Alabama
10-11:00 AM WB4KW GLENN Florida
11-12:00 PM W4JRV JEFF South Carolina
12-1:00 PM KT4KP RANDY Georgia

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