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Come on board "The Big Blue Bus" find a seat, relax, pour yourself a cup of coffee or grab a RC Cola and a Moon Pie and ride along with us. Please explore our web site to discover all the great information pertaining to the finest hobby in the world and the greatest net on the ham bands, where friendliness, caring, and service prevails.

South-Cars is a SSB phone net operating on 7.251 MHZ; utilizing Lower Side Band (LSB), we do not take check ins by any other methods of communications, such as CW, RTTY, AM, USB, Digital, FM etc. …However, in a declared emergency, (State or National) we will attempt to accommodate the handling of emergency traffic by CW. It must be understood, that the requirement for CW to obtain an Amateur license was eliminated in 2003, therefore a sizeable number of participants here do not have the aptitude to communicate with CW. This is just the nature of the beast in this day and age of Ham Radio. We understand the displeasure this may bring to those who prefer to use CW vice SSB phone and hope all can appreciate the mode of operation this net has used from conception. We ask that all who wish to participate in the South-Cars Net, to do so using SSB phone. All other modes will be ignored except as described above.

For several decades, South-Cars has taken pride in its determination to develop personal relationships with its membership; creating a friendly atmosphere, coupled with providing many opportunities for volunteering to assist in the operations of South-Cars. We continue day-to-day to maintain our focus on these basic values; while understanding as time passes, there will become a need to reassess and or adjust the way South-Cars’ Net is conducted. However, we will always strive to maintain our basic values of, friendliness, caring, and service.

The South Coast Amateur Radio Service, popularly known as "South-Cars", or "SCARS" is a service net, (recognized by the ARRL), whose purpose is to assist those seeking to contact other amateur radio stations, or areas; to provide weather and travel information when needed and when available; to assist in emergencies. All amateur radio stations with a general class license or above are welcome. We do not handle formal traffic, but can and will in the event of an emergency.

South-Cars is in operation every day of the year. Net times are: 8AM until 1PM, all times are Eastern. Net operations are conducted on 7.251mhz (40 meters).

Additionally a 'Traders Net' is conducted on
Wednesdays from 10AM to 11AM.


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