South-Cars Announcements

To All Southcars Net Control Operators :

Also please mention that donations to SOUTHCARS are very much welcomed!
( They are considerably down so far for the 2021 year. )
If you have any questions or comments on this announcement please feel free to contact me by e-mail or telephone  803.816.2537.

Please  Announce Before Starting Your Nets :

We now have a immediate opening for a new net control volunteer to cover Saturdays 12 to 1 PM

We are  always in need of Alternate Net Control Stations.  If you never controlled a very busy H.F. net before we can have you ride along with another NCS until you feel comfortable enough to do it yourself . For the most part is  a very satisfying experience. If you would like to volunteer your service, Please call Fred W4FHC, Scheduling Manager at: 919-920-4210 Or contact Richard, Net General Mgr.  at 803-816-2537 or 803-449-4200 Richard can also be reached by E-Mail at:

To all NCS ,       

If you  Can Not Fill Your Session  for any reason !

        Please 1st call the scheduling manager : Fred W4FHC  Tel #  919-920-4210 if you can’t get in touch with him 2nd call the Net General Manager :   Richard ND4Z   Home Phone : 803-816-2537 Cell Phone : 803-449-4200 Richard can also be reached by E-Mail at

If you  Can Not Complete Your Session :  

If after your net session has started and you are in a position that you can not finish, you should ask if there is any Officical Net Control Stations on frequency that can take a list or finish the net for you. It is very important that an Active Official NCS operator resumes the net, and not any member or ( non member ). Only official NCS are allowed to run a net. If you can not find an active Official NCS operator you should make an announcement that you are putting the net in an open session until the next NCS steps in. Then try calling W4FHC Fred or ND4Z Rick. If you do not know who are the active NCS operators are, you can look at the NCS schedule or I will send you the latest list.

Best 73,

Richard Hatalski  ND4Z   Net Manager