From The Manager

Feb 5, 2024
Fred W4FHC Retired his position as SOUTHCARS Scheduling Manager. After 17 straight years of continued faithful service . I as manager of SOUTHCARS want to thank Fred for all he has done. I hope everyone on SOUTHCARS thanks him also.
He will be checking in to the net as often as he can.
Thanks a million,


Feb 21, 2021

From the Net manager Richard ND4Z :

Many thanks Guys and Gal for all the hard work you all do to make SOUTHCARS one of the best nets on the planet!
13,590 registered members and rapidly climbing!

Dec 14, 2020

From the Net manager Richard ND4Z :

               I want to thank our new Web Master :  Judson  KJ4IDH and also to Glen WB4KW our Data Base Manager for all  the time and work on our new Web Site !

                                                               Thank you very much,

                                                                             Richard ND4Z