Join Southcars

To Join or get a number :  

  1. You must be General Class or above

      2.  Just Check Into any net session.

When you check in, tell the Net Control Station this is your first-time checking in.

If you’re unsure of the check in procedure listen for a few minutes. After your check in on air, e mail your info : (Name, Call Sign and Current Address) to the Data Base Manager.

Glen / WB4KW 


In the Message area Send your :

1. Call Sign 

2. First Name That You Use ……….. Last Name……..

3. Street Address City , State , and Zip Code

4.Optional : Birthday ( day & month only ) (Example 25-Oct)

We will use this to wish you a Happy Birthday only !

If you DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET  please contact Richard ND4Z our Net Manager                           at: 803-816-2537 and he will collect your information and turn it in !

We will confirm your License Status and give you a SCARS Member Number. During the time you are waiting for your member # you can still check in any/every day, just inform the NCS your # is pending when you check in . We do not officially send your number by E-mail, but you should receive one from  WB4KW . Updates are done frequently several times a week . Thank you for your interest in South Cars ! Just follow the directions that you just read, and you will have your number soon !

In less than a week your number should be Posted on the Web Site Roster !

Enter your Call Sign in the Roster Search Box to Retrieve your Number !

If   you don’t get a number posted after 3 days …re submit your application ! Still have a problem after that call : Glen WB4KW @ 863-651-3839    !

                                             Thank You !  Glen WB4KW