Roster Correction / Changes

Roster Changes of Address or Call Sign , Corrections or Updates :

E-Mail  Glen WB4KW   at

Subject Line : SCARS Roster Correction , Change, Update

In the Body of the E-Mail Type :

Line 1.  Your Name , Member Number ,  Call Sign

( This information makes it easier to make changes ) !

Line 2. What you are needing done to the Roster, i.e. Call Sign or Address Change ETC.

Line 3. Your Update or Changes: Call Sign /  Address Change / Report a SK / Birth Date

 (If you care to add your birthday to the roster, ( day and month only ) .i.e.   2 Nov

We do not send e mails for new member numbers, updates or changes.

The changes will usually be made the same day as I receive them .      

Check the Roster Search box for your Updates or changes ! If they do not appear after a day or two Please Let me know ! 

Glen  WB4KW   at m   Thank You !